Check-in time is 15:00 to 10:00


Parking 99 PLN
Person 25 PLN
Animal 20 PLN

The price includes access to toilets and a full kitchen.

Additional paid services:
-Filling the tank with clean water
-Washing and drying
– Full day pet care


Parcel  2x3m 50 PLN
Parcel 5x3m 70 PLN
Parcel 6x3m 99 PLN

Person  25 PLN
Car 15 PLN

Overnight stay in a ready built tent

2 – person tent 130 PLN
3 – person tent 170 PLN
4 – person tent 260 PLN
6 – person tent 300 PLN

Each tent includes: pillows, sleeping bags, mattresses and electricity.



2 person tent with terrace 250 PLN

4 person tent with terrace 400 PLN

Glamping tents are equipped with beds with mattresses,bedding,pillows and electricity

Additionally, each tent has a private terrace